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Vortech v2 supercharger pulley

Vortech v2 supercharger pulley

i will also be adding a snow performance boost cooler so i can up We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. Vortech Fuel Pump. Quality Features: V-2 T-Trim supercharger with 8-rib 3. 44" Tall, 5. This pulley is slightly damaged, but with a bit of filing, it should be fine. This pulley made 12 lb of boost on my application. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously. 6, the smallest pulley on the vortech site is 2.

Our experienced techs will open your Vortech up, inspect it, clean it, replace all 4 bearings and the seal, re-assemble it, bench-test it, and return it to you. 16lbs of boost? The supercharger is rated to 17lbs boost. 00 shipped in the USA. I'm assuming that you are using a 6 rib setup? If that is the case you need to watch for belt slip and may want to consider an upgrade to either 8 rib or a better tensioner with the pulley change. The Vortech V3 Si-Trim self contained supercharger is mounted on a CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum bracket system triangulated to the Matty’s Vortech V1 V2 Supercharger Plate Kits (For Sale) 11/25/2018. Find great deals on eBay for vortech v2. Vortech.

Vortech V1 or V2 Blower (Counter Clockwise Rotation, Straight Discharge) The blower NEEDS to have this fitting on it in the front; Also a drain line on the bottom of the blower; Blower can be found between $500-$700 on eBay. Vortech Supercharger Crank Pulley Assembly Small Block Chevy 5. 250" / 32 tooth = 44350 rpm / 6. so after just getting my car running almost correct after a 1. 87 pulley. JEGS is proud to offer and be your source for Vortech Engineering with systems and components on the shelf, ready to ship. and cooling for the supercharger, even under sustained boost conditions; Inlet and discharge duct connections utilize heat resistant silicon sleeves and premium quality stainless steel clamps.

Vortech Supercharger Impeller Speeds After we purchase a supercharger and become addicted to the power, we usually want to increase the horsepower level. Yes our members only. 8 L Engine. Price will be determine, but upgrade is possible since the bolt pattern and external physical size is the same among the V1 and V2 family of superchargers. Ford Motorsports Headers. . 4" Vortech Supercharger Pulleys This pulley will allow your charger to spin faster, creating more boost and more power These pulleys come machined to accept the standard woodruff key found on the Vortech supercharger output shafts Installing and Dyno-Testing a Vortech Supercharger on a Chevy 4.

The bracket will work with Procharger or Paxton with few holes to drill by yourself. Find great deals on eBay for vortech supercharger v2. Other pulleys are available for up to 25 psig. Fasten the drain and supply lines together with tie wraps. Locate Vortech Superchargers on sale here with the biggest variety of Vortech Superchargers anywhere online. Details are on Vortech website. 0L: The Vortech H2 supercharger system includes an integrated dual-pass air/water charge cooling configuration, which features a closed loop water cooling system with a stand-alone pump, tank and front mounted heat exchanger.

The Vortech V-3 supercharger is the latest release in superchargers from Vortech. Standard Includes: - Engine Mount Bracket w/ Idle If your supercharger belt shows evidence of fraying at the front or rear edge, there is an alignment issue that should be corrected. Application. unlike the common V2 Kits that have melting pulley’s and Shredding Belt Problems. A & A stocks most sizes for Vortech supercharger units. Per the instructions install the supercharger and Vortech idler pulley. 15" pulley, Standard finish 3.

VF-Engineering chose to supercharge the BMW E46 3 Series to improve throttle response and mid-to-top end power with the centrifugal Vortech supercharger. Supplied Belt/Pulley ratio will produce approximately 8-10 psi at 5500 rpm on a mildly modified 350 cubic inch motor (S-Trim systems) Technologically advanced, high-efficiency impeller and housing design developed in Vortech's supercharger test cell to meet SAE J1723 Standard. Use this to calculate the RPM at which your supercharger headunit is spinning. Stock is 3. What Supercharger is Better, CT Engineering or Vortech? CT Engineering, formerly known as Comptech, and Vortech are considered the two best supercharger options for the S2000. It's the one we used on the Charger SRT8 which put down 567 rwhp from no mods other than the 9+ psi Vortech system. 1L HEMI 06-10 V3 Si Supercharger Intercooled Tuner This tuner kit replaces the OEM roots-type supercharger/charge cooler package with a Vortech V-2 SQ T supercharger/charge cooler configuration.

70" 8 rib Supercharger PULLEY for VORTECH 20mm bore, POWERDYNE, SCORPION VW Cast Supercharger Impeller, fits VORTECH V1 V2. Mustang Vortech V2 SQ S-Trim . Select choice of impeller shaft seal: current OEM style is Mechanical seal (most popular) – spring loaded carbon ring (seals against the back of the thrust washer) OR the aftermarket PTFE/Viton hybrid seal – Viton rubber lined with PTFE to reduce friction and wear (seals around the shaft OD). We offer a plethora of Vortech Superchargers for your vehicle needs. KYD Shocks & Springs. 33” SC Pulley  3. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood.

It may take several seconds to display the results. Call or Text John With any Questions you may have: 630-688-6888 BUY FROM US WITH CONFIDENCE. Tuner Kits Get superior performance with Nissan aftermarket parts from Enjuku Racing. 6:1 - 53. C230 Rebuilt Supercharger Chemical Supercharger Driveway Rescue and Supercharger Test [HP2013-17] A champion Pro Stock racer pitches in to bring a ’55 Chevy back to life. 75" P/N 2A038-275 Suit V1 V2 V3 V7 Superchargers & Supercharger Parts for Eaton, Edelbrock, Magnuson, Magnacharger, Paxton, Procharger, Ripp, Roush, SLP, Sprintex, Vortech & Whipple. Install the V2-SQ drain hose onto the previously installed pan tube and secure with a #8 hose clamp.

This model includes both the CW and CCW compressor housing. Maxflow Fuel Pump Boosters, Ford Mustang Plug And Play Packages Repair kits for Vortech Repair kits include 4 bearings and 2 shaft seals, O-ring is optional. Our Vortech Supercharger kit includes the Vortech V3 Self Lubricated head unit and the rest of the components for a complete install. using a 7. These heavy-duty brackets are used on all E36 M3 stages using the V1 or V2 Blower. Discover Vortech on sale right here with the biggest option of Vortech anywhere online. The kit comes complete with everything you need, all boxed together and ready to install.

This kit will increase the factory 5. If you're running just an alternator and a power steering pump and your blower off the crank I might have an 8 rib belt that I would toss in for free if it fits your car Mustang gt lx foxbody VW BMW Audi Toyota For sale is a Pre-owned Super Charger Store Gear drive for a SBC and a Vortech Blower. > Corvette Performance Parts. Search Results for Vortech Parts. We do not explain how to do anything or sell bearing kits anymore. E39 M5 Supercharger System- Vortech V2 Si Equiped Pulley Spacer Kit For Most Search Results for Vortech Supercharger Parts. What size pulley can i go to and achieve approx.

Kinugawa Turbo Billet Compressor Wheel Supercharger Vortech V2 Reverse (76/145. Corvette parts and accessories for your C5, C6, Z06, and ZR1. No damage or stripped threads. You ll also need to buy a blower pulley (the Vortech rep can help you decide Billet 2. We rebuild your blower we do not sell the full version. Having installed and tuned numerous Vortech Supercharger kits on the VQ platform, we have gained the necessary knowledge and experience for developing our own complete turn-key kit which we feel offers the best in quality, performance, and reliability while saving over $500 if purchasing the parts individually. 28; Save vortech force to New and Used Automotive Parts and Accessories On Sale.

Supercharger V2 - We exclusively use the Vortech supercharger on all RMS M Series Kits. " The lifeblood of this system is the state-of-the-art, gear-driven, Vortech Hi all As Im wanting a bit more boost I am thinking of change my pulley size to 3:12 or 2:87 what I need to know is on the v2 sc system is it the tooth cog one I have to change for more boost ? Ps any links welcome Thanks vortech Discover Vortech Supercharger on sale right here with the biggest variety of Vortech Supercharger anywhere online. 1 (2V Maxflow Power Cooler. SuperchargersOnline : Vortech - Supercharger Systems Supercharger Head Units Supercharger Parts Rebuilding Services Intercoolers/Heat Exchangers Performance Parts SCOL Swag Supercharger and superchargers accessorries. Superchargers exceeding 10 PSI require a Vortech Maxflow Mondo or Maxflow racing bypass valve. Vortech Supercharger Pulleys are machined from 6061 T-6, hard anodized aluminum with the proper profile to maximize surface contact area for precise fit. 0 03-05Viper(4809644v2.

Air is drawn in through the inlet of the supercharger and compressed by the impeller. This allows for a much shorter belt running the supercharger which translates into less belt stretch and better grip. With this set up it gives my a touch under 8psi boost. 5 psi of boost (not 1999-04 Mustang Superchargers 2001 Mustang Bullitt 4. 125” SC Pulley  2. International orders and sales welcome. Performance Trends Inc Producing Quality Computer Tools for Racers and Engine Builders since 1986 Vortech v2 supercharger fits mustang, camaro, charger, challenger, impala, import, f-150, etc.

0 Liter engine's horsepower from 225 to 331 and the torque from 275 to 358 ft/lb. 8 RIB WITH SECONDARY DRIVE- This is the ultimate belt drive system. Supercharger Rebuilds, Rebuild Kits, Upgrades and Accessories Pulley Spacers for ProCharger Superchargers. 5. 000rpm Vortech Crankshaft Pulley Serpentine 8-groove 4. This is a plus if your Mustang will see extended boost periods, I. Supercharger rebuilds » vortech v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 v7 v9 v24 v28 vortech overhaul repair services v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 v7 v9 a b e f g sc sci s si t ti ys ysi x xxtrims etc etc.

Check out the installed Vortech on supercharger on various vehicles. Pulley diameter changes: Careful size selection is mandatory for proper engine and supercharger lon-gevity. E. off the supercharger V-2 Si-Trim Satin Supercharger Kit by Vortech Engineering®. The V2 Vortech V2 centrifugal supercharger install in my BMW E36 On January 5, 2019 March 31, 2019 By brentfordracing It’s finally time to get back some of the power that was robbed from me when I moved from sea level (Seattle) to high altitude (Denver)! Used Vortech V1, V2, V3, V7 satin front supercharger cover. For sale is my Vortech V2 Supercharged 1990 Mustang GT with a Snow Stage 2 methanol injection kit that is safely tuned to 486 RWHP and 466 LB FT torque (dyno video is available upon request) by DynoTuneMP. A look at the spec sheets shows these two kits to be relatively equal in a number of categories, but there are a few differences to consider before making your purchase.

Revised Design includes bracket for support at back of cylinder head. Each pulley is built to SAE standards. d. Lethal Performance 2018+ GT Vortech Package Features:-Vortech JT-Trim Self Lubricated Head Unit with 3. Headunit - Step Up Ratio - Max Supercharger RPM. Vortech 35mm and 50mm Gilmer Supercharger Pulleys Various sizes available, please refer to the price list. 87" pulley, Standard finish 2.

Paxton supercharger systems are performance improving devices. Product Description. 00" Diameter 10 Rib Crank Pulley wRetainer Assembly Vortech Grand Cherokee: $5,329. To adjust boost levels on Vortec supercharged VQ35's, the simplest way to do so is by swapping to a different size pulley. NOTES: C5 Models will need to purchase a new A/C belt. Shop tuner parts, Japanese performance parts & more. 0L Engine today from CJ Pony Parts.

DYNO TIME and Ripping road footage of my 2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe with its Vortech V2 Supercharger system. 6 x 6500 = 56,216 rpm). All brackets, ductwork and the Vortech supercharger is show polished. Below is a supercharger map for V2 SQ S-Trim: Supercharger Option: Since the supercharger bracket will fit Vortech V1 and V2. Vehicle Detail . 75" Wide, 9. 99 Vortech Grand Cherokee SRT8 6.

10 gears, and posi-trac differential. Vortech Superchargers. This will produce approx 14-16 psig depending on engine modifications. This premium product is the best way to go for those looking for the highest quality replacement that offers supreme levels of quality, performance and reliability. There are five that are most popular with enthusiasts, and two that have been battling it out for years—Paxton vs Vortech. However, there are several things you need to consider prior to putting on MOUNTING BRACKETS, INSTALL KITS – Vortech, Paxton, ProC, Powerdyne Powerdyne – MOUNTING BRACKET, HEAD UNITS, KITS. 6L Vortech Centrifugal Supercharger Kits V-2 SQ Si-Trim High-Output System FREE SHIPPING # Compressor matched, computer aided designed and machined *Vortech Centrifugal Supercharger Head Unit # 8-Rib Supercharger Drive Pulley 3.

The Vortech V-3 supercharger has an internally lubricated transmission. 6-GT (with SVO intake) H. The no-flex design assures perfect belt alignment under extreme conditions. It has about 1K miles on it. 77 psi (Best ET setup) Mustang GT Vortech Supercharger V3 Non Intercooled Brenspeed Package (05-10) - 505hp 470tq Vortech V3 Self Lubricated (no oil pan tapping needed) Brenspeed Custom Supercharger Package Satin Finish - Upgradeable NOTE: Select year and if you would like to upgrade to a polished finish from the drop down menu when ordering. V1 Vortech Supercharger Installation Turbo Specialists Houston Jan 01, 2012 · Item #320822250148 on ebay. Corvette Supercharger Kit - WCC Exclusive Vortech : 1997-2004 C5 & Z06.

250" / 28 tooth = 50686 rpm / 8. 0L 2. Anderson intake Kit. Water Jet cutting leaves clean edges and very smooth. Vortech V1 Ti RACE Supercharger. 0) Before beginning this installation, please read through this entire instruction book-let and the Street Supercharger System Owner's Manual which includes the Automotive Limited Warranties Program and the Warranty Registration form. The form below allows you to search for car, truck, motorcycle or boat parts in real time.

Fits engines up to 950 horsepower. Vortech offers completely different supercharger units (heavy duty engine oil fed) as well as different pulley sizes. 95 (16psi) blower pulley - All brackets, belts, couplers, clamps, drain line and hardware is included. Parts classifieds change daily so if you don't find what you want, come back in a few days and try again. 44. We stopped because too Vortech 6-Rib Supercharger Pulleys are machined from 6061 T-6, hard anodized aluminum with the proper profile to maximize surface contact area for precise fit. 0 out of 5 Vortech Engineering offers a variety of automotive performance products including complete supercharging systems, fuel system components and air-to-water aftercoolers for domestic and import vehicles plus marine applications.

has, almost since inception, been one of the most recognizable names in automotive high performance, especially when it comes to being a trusted name in the supercharger industry. 20052011 gmchevy trucksuv supercharger systems lysholm 20052011 gm trucksuv Vortech Mustang supercharger kits for the 86-93 Mustang 5. . On Vortech website there is a supercharger comparison chart that shows max boost, max impeller speed, max HP, peak blower efficiency, & max cfm #'s for all their blowers. Here's what various pulley combos did for my V3 setup. Vortech 8-Rib Supercharger Pulley - 2. Warranty Information: The stock crank pulley for the 6.

Vortech supercharged 2001 V6 3. For best results, please be specific and be patient. Order this Vortech Polished V-2 SQ Si-Trim Supercharger Kit for your 1986-1993 Mustang with 5. Premium Shafts Seals for Vortech® V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 6-Rib Power Pulleys for Powerdyne and Vortech® Superchargers 2. This model blower is considered the new generation among superchargers. I'm unsure if Dinan ever produced an s62 package for the public, but these crank pulleys were part of some supercharger system was working on. Many thanks for all your help and information! I looked at the impeller speed calculator and calculated my supercharger pulley 3.

Have the pulley off of my vortech v3 si supercharger I believe its a 3 1/4" hard to measure. Skip to main content. 70 $ 217. Vortech Crank Pulley 7. Vortech V2 Supercharger. MSD Cap & Rotor. 6 mm o.

I have a 3. IMPORTANT INSTALLATION NOTES NOTE: Supercharger Drive Pulley - If the supercharger drive pulley will not slide onto the shaft, How to Replace Bearings & Seals in a Supercharger Cam Thai aka Stang94GT DISCLAIMER: You do this at your own risk. The V2 head unit is utilizes the engines oil to lubricate the head unit. Polished 6 Rib Vortech Crank Pulley Foxbody 87-93 Mustang. and now the it only makes 4. Find all the details inside Hot Rod Magazine. Not included is the actual supercharger pulley itself as there are many variables involved in picking the correct pulley.

Paxton 2200SL - 3. Due to the price, this is for local pick up only. 52" Deep (not including input shaft) Superchargers exceeding 6 PSI require a Vortech standard bypass valve or a Vortech Maxflow racing bypass valve. Flowmaster Exhaust. qxd) v Vortech Maxflow Power Cooler Installation Instructions 1996 - 2001 Ford 4. 75 Aluminum Ford Mustang 5. 33" vortech pulley I have an impellor speed of 49000 at a 6500rpm.

4" Vortech Supercharger Pulleys This pulley will allow your charger to spin faster, creating more boost and more power These pulleys come machined to accept the standard woodruff key found on the Vortech supercharger output shafts The Vortech test lab is the only one in the aftermarket that can test a supercharger to SAE J1723 specifications. Fit and finish is second to none. Size 3. - Vortech Maxflow Mondo Bypass Valve with Piping (AF-0106C) - Anderson Motorsports 4" Powerpipe Put a powerful spin on your vehicle's performance with the Vortech Supercharger Kit. Next, is the bigger question—which brand of supercharger kit should you choose? Today, there is no shortage of companies selling superchargers. Included hand-held programmer also controls ignition timing and fuel enrichment. Almost new with extras.

View all photos of Vortech V-10 System With V-2 SQ Supercharger - Add Power to Your Ford V-10 at flat to ensure that the supercharger pulley sits Vortech’s new damper and supercharger Billet 2. Unlike the Vortech V-1 and V-2 supercharger, the Vortech V-3 does NOT require any oil lines to feed the supercharger gears with oil. VORTECH V2, V3, V5, V9 Supercharger Impeller output shaft helical gear 2. I have a 94 - 95 Vortech SQ V2 S-Strim satin finsh. Supercharger RPM Calculator. 9 6-rib Whubs. Free Shipping On all Vortech Superchargers.

Why? because of the I am planning on buying a Vortech V2-SQ S-Trim supercharger for my 2002 Mustang GT, it says it puts out 8-10 psi, but I want more. Includes alloy spacers for smooth alloy pulley. Race version will be marked with R, RACE, M, or MARINE on the serial plate and will require different parts. 75" Aluminum Ford Mustang 5. 6:1 - 53,000rpm Paxton 2200 - 3. 50" 6 rib Vortech v2 kit rebuilt by capa $2100 spent Upgraded impellor was running 12psi on std pulley Intercooler. Vortech, the makers of fine supercharger kits and equipment, was founded in 1990 in the city of Oxnard, California, and remains there to this day.

What you see are the exact items you will receive WE WITHOUT DOUBT STAND BEHIND ALL OF OUR PRE-OWNED ITEMS. 6 Mustang GT (2 Valve) Before beginning this installation, please read through this entire instruction booklet The Vortech Maxflow Power Cooler system was designed as a street/strip orient- We put a Vortech Centrifugal supercharger on our HT 383 Crate Engine. Vortech does not make a system for every vehicle on the road. 70. Vortech V2-Etrim specs are max 22psi and 1200 cfm. No matter what you're driving, we have the right Vortech Superchargers for your automobile We offer a variety of Vortech Superchargers for your automotive needs. 6L v8 ford mustang .

A&A offers the only centrifugal systems available in 50 State Legal trim for all models of Corvette from 1997 through 2016 (excluding ZR1 and C7 Z06). Then the Lethal Performance Vortech Supercharger package is a an excellent choice to help you achieve that. 33 # 8-Rib Crank Pulley 6. We have selected companies such as Shelby Autos and VF-Engineering to produce systems using a Vortech supercharger for various applications. Vortech 6-Rib Supercharger Pulleys are machined from 6061 T-6, hard anodized aluminum with the proper profile to maximize surface contact area for precise fit. 2. The new generation supercharger included in most Vortech street supercharging systems * Part numbers below do not include drive pulley Vortech has seized upon these known performance advantages and has developed its line of centrifugal superchargers to a performance level that clearly establishes Vortech as the performance and technology leader in aftermarket supercharging.

I guess I would probably just need to call them, but what I really want to know is if I could safely (tune-wise) make 300WHP with a smaller pulley & custom tune on 93 gas with the pack-in blower. Hey Guys, I have just installed a V2 supercharger on the Zed (from Pauls Hulkbuster build on here). Find Vortech Supercharger Pulleys and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Vortech supercharger pulleys are made of 6061 T-6 aluminum, hard anodized, and built to SAE standards. I contacted 928 Motorsports to ask about the bearings they use. 78 # OEM style single cast 356 Aluminum Mounting Brackets heat *treated to T-6 specifications for strength # Premium Review (mpn: 4gp218030sq for sale) 4GP218030SQ Vortech V2 Supercharger Kit Small Block Chevy The part number is 4gp218030sq. Jackshaft / Cog / Impellor / Avg Boost 3. Those of you interested in adding a Vortech supercharger to your 1999 Cobra might find my experience useful, well, the few of you remaining anyway as I'm a few years behind the curve on this.

Vortech 19962001 ford mustang cobra 46l parts list vortech 19962001 ford mustang cobra 46l parts list. 60" pulley and we offer other optional sizes to increase boost CALL SHANON AT 507 445 3235 WITH ANY QUESTIONS. 99/kit For all Vortech® V1, V2, V3, V7 and TRD Superchargers. 6L V8 Mustangs. Strut Tower Brace. 00 shipping. The Vortech kit comes standard with a 3.

Vortech systems include all necessary belts, pulleys, brackets, hardware, mounting bracket, supercharger head unit, and high Our traditional V2 oil-fed units make use of the host engine lubrication circuit, which may optionally be fine-filtered before introducing to the supercharger. The first half in which Vortech labels their compressors tells you the type of gear case or transmission Vortech is using. Highly advanced CAD gear FAST 928 Supercharger Installation Instructions Overview: This supercharger kit was designed for the 32-valve 928 cars, from 1985-1995, though should fit the earlier ’80-84 US cars with little modification, and will fit the ’84-’86 Kit includes 3. Vortech gear driven supercharger for unmatched reliability. 33" pulley. Vortech offers a full line of quality Pulleys, Belts & Accessories to add to their many supercharger kits. of boost, producing as much as 50 additional whp for your BMW.

The author of this document accepts no responsibility for any damage or injury that may occur as a result of reading this document or performing the repairs described herein. 5 year battle, and then this happens so the other day im driving and all of a sudden i start to hear this nasty growling noise , which i immediatly knew it was the charger and i pretty much drove to a safe place took a quick look at it, and left it to get drunk. THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD! Blue Vortech V2 Supercharged 1990 Ford Mustang GT For Sale. 62" pulley, Standard finish 2. New and Used Automotive Parts and Accessories On Sale Vortech V2 E Trim Supercharger This complete system features the Vortech V2 Si trim head unit. Vortech, MagnaCharger, Paxton, ProCharger, Edelbrock E-Force, Supercharger Pulley, brackets, discharge tubes Video on vortech supercharger rebuild promo vid. Vortech Supercharger Kits Paxton vs.

Route the oil feed hose down to the feed fitting and secure it. Part numbers below do not include drive pulley 8. Home > Brands > Vortech With over 500 systems on the road and hundreds of additional hours spent analyzing how every part of the system could be potentially improved, these supercharger kits from A&A have evolved into the finest system available. 13DEC04 v2. 33 8 rib supercharger pulley off of V2 s trim Vortech Supercharger for sale. The supercharger of choice for street/strip vehicles with modified engines. 8 4psi-4500 then 7 psi at 5200 i have a 2.

Let our experience rebuilding, racing and upgrading superchargers work for you. im ordering a vortech v2 s-trim shortly for my 2002 auto. 3. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Shop with confidence. The installation allows Vortech Supercharger  V-3 Si Trim  V-3 T Trim Pulley Size  3. 15" Diameter 8 Rib Renegade Vortech Pulleys Supercharger Pulley 3.

The car had 2 maps made about 400whp on the main map and then the race map did about 431 Hey guys I am running a v2 vortech on my engine. 1 is 6. $50. Steel Brackets (only the thick block is alloy) fits Vortech V1 V2 V3 includes two alloy spacers and two long bolts for alternator. Vortech Supercharger pulley assembly - 34 tooth Vortech tensioner plate M 12 x 15mm bolts M12 x 15mm bolt thin head Double bearing idler (Supercharger belt) Idler Pulley spacer 14mm M12 x 65mm bolt, nut, flat, spring washer Supercharger belt toothed 8M 960 x 30mm Supercharger oil drain fitting Assorted plastic ties Vortech Supercharger S Trim If you have a Vortech supercharger system and want to increase the boost, this is the pulley you need. What i would like to accomplish is max out the Vortech V-3 SCi supercharger that is currently on my car. All it gives you is blower efficency.

Vortech Supercharger Kit with Aftercooler for H2 Hummer 6. 4 in diameter. Includes V2 S-trim supercharger with 3. VF have harnessed reliability of Vortech superchargers with their 15 years of supercharging experience and worldwide OEM supply contacts to create the ultimate supercharger system for the ultimate driver’s car. Note Vortech V-2 SQ S-Trim. supercharger kit for an alloytec. 15 With Sur-grip By 928 Motorsports.

00" pulley, Standard finish 3. This Satin Vortech Supercharger System is specifically designed for use on the 1999 to 2004 GT 4. So i increased the supercharger pulley to 101. which drives a supercharger pulley 73. Never over spun and It was on a street car so I never shifted past 6,000 RPMs. 0 or 5. 60 pulley and plate for 4.

I have both plates to fit vq35de and revup engine *** not hr motor *** Spare pulleys $1000 from vortech Custom inlet pipe work with plumb back bypass valve Oil drain lines upgrade to speedflow fittings Comes with haltech harness ecu Currently on car at mechanics and will be removed once Ok. Join our Rewards Program & save! New and Used Car and Truck Parts and Accessories On Sale Vortech V2 E Trim Supercharger With With Fuel Injectors Mustang 99-2001 Cobra Polished 6 Rib Vortech Full rebuild kit for Vortech Superchargers. 6 at about 6lbs of boost. The supercharger runs on its own dedicated 8 rib belt while the alternator and power steering run on a separate 6 rib belt. 15" $217. Founded in 1990, Vortech Engineering, Inc. 0L are the only way to go! This entry level 5-6 PSI, V-3 SC-Trim model is perfect for the budget-minded enthusiast adding great horsepower and torque gains with keeping your Mustang build on a budget.

A FREE calculator that determines the Supercharger boost based on Displacements, Belt Ratio and Efficiencies. Vortech offers an 8" lower crank pulley (8 or 10 rib only) that is a good option to stay away from really small upper pulleys. Available with straight or curved discharge and clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. Attention Export Customers: US Spec Vehicles Only Complete Vortech supercharger systems are intended for use on vehicles made and operated in the USA. Has new seals and grommets. 74 psi (Stock Vortech setup) 3. 25" pulley, Standard finish The Vortech V-3 supercharger is the latest release in superchargers from Vortech.

6:1 - 60,000rpm Vortech V2 - 3. With my 7" crank pulley and the 3. Part # 2A013-041. 5% similar) If you're the type to build your own parts and want boost m5, here is crank pulley you need do that. Capa performance vortech air assist. Are there any pulleys that I can get to bring that up. 5-inch ATI crank pulley and a CSU-prepped blow-through carburetor.

New Water pump. I bought a Vortech V2 E-trim, bracket, discharge assembly, SCT BA2800 MAF and Anderson power pipe from a guy with a 99 Cobra for $1300. On my 1uzfe gave 7 psi at 6200rpm give you a idea Vortech Pulleys Supercharger Pulley 3. The other question i have. 50 inch with impeller speed 45540, and pulley 2. ( For 8 rib pulley )This billet adjuster mounts easily to your Supercharger 1996-98 Mustang® 4. com This truck will make you an instant badass.

Vortech & Paxton Pulleys: Vortech 6-Rib, 8-Rib and 10-Rib Supercharger Pulleys Various sizes available, please refer to the price list. The company uses a motor to drive the supercharger and tests a variety of different measurables to uncover the results of their engineering process. Vortech Supercharger System with cooler V2/SCi-Trim - Satin Finish Free Shipping Continental USA Only $5636. 9) 8+8. 93" pulley, Standard finish 3. Sport Comp Boost Guage The least expensive online catalog for all your Vortech Supercharger needs. Warranty is provided by these companies.

to make 9 psi of boost. O. Search “Vortech” SC Pulley: Up to you what size you go with. No clue how it relates to the Novi. Underdrive Pulley. 6L Vortech Centrifugal Supercharger Kits V-2 SQ Si-Trim Standard System 2001 Mustang Bullitt 4. BMW 3 Series Superchargers $4,495 Models: 323/325/328/330 Engines: M52TU/M54 ECU: MS42/MS43/MS45 .

Otherwise its a direct bolt to the Vortech V1 and V2 Supercharger. Also in the support section there is an impeller speed calculator that helps you calculate max impeller speed using diameter of blower pulley, crank shaft pulley diameter Supercharger brackets and pulleys let you run a Vortech v1, v2, v3, or v7 charger on you MK4 VR6. Find great deals on eBay for used vortech supercharger and used procharger. Home Forums > General Discussion > General Supercharger Discussion > Compressor Map For V2 And Pulley Recomends' Discussion in ' General Supercharger Discussion ' started by Powerband , Jun 7, 2016 . 60” Supercharger Pulley (Optional Sizes Available)-All Hoses, Brackets, Clamps and Hardware to Install the Vortech Supercharger-Optional Custom Tuning from Lund Racing Vortech V2 SI supercharger polished kit fits Ford 5. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Vortech V2 Bearing Information So I've been digging for info on the bearings to do a rebuild on my V2 E-trim and enable me to run a smaller pulley. Has anyone installed a vortech supercharger kit on a otherwise stock setup, My only mods on my 95gt are headers,h-pipe,flowmasters underdrive pulleys.

4GP218-050L CARBURETED SMALL BLOCK CHEVY ENTRY-LEVEL SYSTEM *SUPERCHARGING SYSTEM ONLY Stocking Distributors Only This product is only available through Master Stocking Distributors and may not be ordered directly. V1 V2 T trim high end Billet Supercharger Impeller VORTECH Paxton NOVI CCW Vortech Crankshaft Pulley: $240. Visit our website or call Vortech for more information. also has lower mounting points for later engine blocks. For vehicles equipped with alternator decoupler pulleys, you will need a HAZET 2592 Tool or Goodyear 802592 tool KO Performance designed the Vortech BMW Supercharger Stage II Boost Kit to allow you to run 9 to 11 lbs. Removed from my 04 vz ute. Automobile Parts and Service Toggle navigation Community Chevy Automotive Sales Inc.

vortech v2 charger and mounting kit. Contact the Vortech Tech Line for assistance with impeller speed calculations if necessary. 33 x 3. If we can get 20 orders the price is only $150 plus shipping. 87 inch is impeller speed 29418. An easier way to adjust your Supercharger belt. 25" Diameter 6 Rib See more like this Vortech Crankshaft Pulley Serpentine 10 Groove Aluminum Natural Universal Each FAST Shipping - 90 Day Return Policy - HUGE Selection 928 Motorsports 8VT315SG 8-Rib Sur-Grip Pulley for Vortech Superchargers.

0l Race Marque Systems Bmw E39 M5 Supercharger System- Vortech V2 Si Equiped This model applies to the V-1, V-2, V-3 SI Vortech supercharges, obviously the differences between versions is (straight cut/vs helical cut gear) & (Self lubricated/vs external). Vortech Ignition. The bracket will be 1/4" mild steel with zinc coating. Continental US Only! BMW E46 1999>2006. Our proprietary supercharger head units are built specifically for us by Vortech Engineering and are available only from A&A or one of our 200 plus dealers in the US and Europe. 33 driven pulley . **Brenspeed recomends Anderson Ford Motorsport now has what every Vortech owner has always wanted.

7 (KITSTG1-SQ93) - 7" Renegade crank pulley - 2. 2010 Z06 A&A Kit Build Blog – HERE 2008 LS3 Corvette Build Blog – HERE The A&A Supercharger kit brings you dramatic increases in power while not degrading everyday drivability or highway gas mileage! Vortech V2 E Trim Supercharger With With Fuel Injectors Mustang 99-2001 Cobra. Also included is a voucher and shipping label to mail your stock ECM directly to Vortech so they can install the appropriate program. Tighten the oil pan tube. Complete fuel system upgrade includes replacement fuel injectors, fuel lines and a high flow supplemental fuel pump with harness. Since their beginning, Vortech has been producing superior quality supercharger kits and equipment intended to give any customer's Mustang a real boost in horsepower and provide them with a new level of performance. 87” SC Pulley Supercharger Bracket Assembly  Supercharger Main Bracket  Tensioner Bracket  Bracket Spacers x6  3/8 Bolts with Washers x6  12mm Bolt with Nut & Washer D315-0555 Dinan Bmw Supercharger Crank Pulley Vortech (48.

If my calculations are correct, at 6500 rpm the impeller will be spinning 56,216 rpm (Crank/Blower x step-up ratio x engine rpm = 8/3. And accept a 3/4" keyed shaft for pulley fitment. along with that, my supporting mods are long tube headers, o/r h-pipe, flowmasters dumped, asp 24%underdrive pulley, sct livewire with a new dyno tune, 180* thermostat, 42lb injectors, focus fuel pump, 70mm accufab throttle body, 4. 30 has impeller speed 49500. Fits Vortech V2 Generation 1 (short output shafts), and V5 Street version superchargers. Retail is near $3k. Vortech V2 E Trim Supercharger With With Fuel Nissan and Infiniti performance parts for the 300ZX, 350Z, G35, G37, Q60, Q50, 240SX, Skyline, GT-R, and more for the aftermarket Nissan enthusiast.

road racing. 23JAN00 V2. The difference between a Vortech V-1, V-2, V-3 Trim Vortech superchargers label their compressors in names such as V-1 Si-Trim, V-3 Si-Trim, V-2 Si-trim, or V-1 T-Trim. You can use this to judge how much boost you will make but, only if you use a few different pullies and compare their boost level to the efficency. Front housing is powder coated black Includes 200ml of oil to suit, Blow off valve, Charger oil reservoir and mounting bracket, 6 and 9 psi pulleys, Brand new belt. Ford Racing Wires. 27 mm o.

$401 928 Motorsports VTPSK 1-inch Vortech Pulley Spacer Kit. Everything is great except im getting belt movement on the 32 tooth jackshaft pulley and 28 tooth supercharger pulley. The default will be V2 SQ S-Trim. We will be adding more replacement Powerdyne hardware, mounting brackets / parts, and mounting kits in the coming months. 6 supercharger pulley, brackets, aluminum Turbomsart blowoff valve, air intake, silicone couplers, stainless clamps, high-capacity fuel injectors and BOOST-A-PUMP fuel system upgrade. Vortech V2 E Trim Supercharger With With Vortech was much easier but still very unwilling to help since its the Stillen kit. Typically, most alignment problems involve an improperly installed supercharger pulley, or (in the case of the Mustang Cobra) an out of alignment alternator pulley.

Powerdyne Vortech Premium 6-rib Pulley 3. The closest chart is on Vortech's website. Vortech V2 E Trim Supercharger With With Fuel Injectors Mustang 99-2001 Cobra. Built by Vortech, the undisputed leader of supercharger technology, this street-legal kit stays hidden right under your vehicle's hood-giving new meaning to the term “sleeper. The boost and horsepower were still Vortech. 99 Vortech Crankshaft Pulley Serpentine 8-Groove 4. With superchargers, as long your other supporting hardware is up to par, it's as simple as a pulley swap.

The problem is, the supercharger puller is too small and causes the belt to rub. V2 SQ Pulley setup question I am considering an 8" crank pulley. $11. C $451. So my crank pulley is 127mm o. Z1 Motorsports has assembled the ultimate supercharger kit for your 350Z/G35. vortech v2 supercharger pulley

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