[wptab name=’9/22/2018′]9/22/2018

Area Meeting September 22, 2018

Area Minutes 09/22/2018


[wptab name=’1/13/2018′]1/13/2018

Area Meeting January 13, 2018

Area Minutes 01/13/2018 Page 1

Area Minutes 01/13/2018 Page 2

Area Minutes 01/13/2018 Page 3


[wptab name=’1/21/2017′] 1/21/2017

Area Meeting January 21, 2017

Open with the serenity Prayer

Read 2nd and 4th Traditions

Introduction: Rita, Krystle, Denis, Joel, Mark, Jerry, Ben, Charles, Rick, Sean, Chris, Rebecca, Justin, Rafael,   12 and 9

Secretary Notes: Accepted

Treasurer Note: Accepted

D.S.R. Reports: Copies passed forward, Accepted

H & I Reports: Global contact list trying to get on website for a word level

P/I Reports:

Sarasota, Wendy- Expecting phone call back from world about publication. Calling other districts no answer on public information. Accepted

Web Servant:

Raphael-Updated area meetings. Send any meeting that go dark please let him know. Added spoon list for Seattle. Accepted

Delegates Report:

Justin- Unable to acess delegate website. Unity Day first Saturday March 2017, Celebrate around the world 2017, Flyer passed out, Saturday March 5, 2017, CA online area meeting up and running everyday, CAWS Flyers avalible, Seek submissions for litature and format to submit to world, created 2 new pamphlets, Working on new worksheets for sponsors to work onwith sponsies, Seeking submissions for new workbooks on 12 and 12

Chris- Pi summit next week in Colorado, Submissions in avalible in News Gram, Looking for editor for news gram, Global contact list trying to get on website for a word level, Genne has printout for questionnaire for each district on how they run their meetings to be passed around, Asr in little rock,ak  Referals have to be submitted 125 days before deadline



Open with Serenity Prayer

Reestablish Quorum: 10

Convention Report 2016: Dennis- 91 paid registerys, Ft Myers gave out 265 scholorships, 3 speakers from ft myers area, did exellent job, hospitality did amazing, grat time by all, 2000 seed money at ft Lauderdale, speakers are one the website and available for everyone to see, t-shirts from convention left over, asked to passed on to ft laurderdale for opportunity baskets, total proceeds 10892.67

Old Business:

Justin- audio uploaded to vision audio, revisit trying to get own equitment in order to record ditigal audio by ca itself within the next 5 to 10 years so fl area is in charge need about 1000 dollars in order to get it, issued tabled to next area meeting

New Business:

Rita- issue on trustee at large, new one already elected is Blake,

Dennis- Avaliable balane 15.023.80 dicussion on sending money to world, reopen dicussion on delegates going to ak

Chris- Asr fund bumped up to 1000 dollars, atleast 2 people needed to go in order to carry 4 notes needed

Justin- around 1200 dollars to get the rest of equitment needed for recording our speakers at conventions for ca

Bill- dicussion on putting money aside in order to buy the equipment for recoedings

Julia- suggest putting together a workshop on how to work equitment

Dicussion on prudent reserve and money raised for delegates expenses

Motion to put money aside for audio equipment- Accepted

Motion to send 5200 to world- Accepted

Motion to add 450 to prudent reseve for room and expenses for meeting- Accepted

Motion for 4800 dollars to send 4 deligates to world confrense- Accepted

Motion to spread 1000 for ASR-Accepted

Motion to write check to Homewood Suits for meeting room- Accepted

Set up next meeting for April 2017: Saturday April 15, 2017 at 1:00pm


[wptab name=’9/16/2016′]  9/16/2016

Area Notes from September 16, 2016

Rita opens with the serenity prayer

Raphael reads 2nd and 4th traditions

Attendance- Rita, Renee, David, Joel, Carol, Diane, Jimmy, Jeannie, Jerry, Julia, Chris, Rick, Terry, Shawn, Blake, Rebecca, Justin, Raphael, Anne, Craig, Dennis

Open     H&I        Quorum

Sarasota                                                               7              3              3

Ft. Myers                                                             17           21           6

Pensacola                                                            9              5              3

Daytona/ Deland                                              3              0              1

Southeast                                                           31           53           1

Treasure Coast                                                  4              1              2

Tampa/ Lakeland                                             1              0              1

Established Quorum: Total- 24 Quorum- 16     (16)

Secretary’s report read and accepted

Treasures report $5,299.96 with $3500.00 Prudent reserve/ Read and accepted

DSR reports-

Sarasota- Jerry- 7 open 3 H&I, lots of birthdays, meetings are picking up, no donation

Ft. Myers- Craig- all is well, its picking up, no donation, convention going well so far, no problems

Pensacola- Diane- going pretty well, celebration annual unity day, drop 2 meetings, low attendance, $50 donation.

Daytona/ Deland- Raphael- going well, opened 3rd meeting, 4 birthdays, no donation

Southeast-Jeanie- 2 more H&I opened up going strong, 2017 convention get with treasure coast again for it, Nov 2nd spiritual retreat in Keys, cottages gone, lots of campsites, awesome speakers, no donation

Treasure Coast- Blake (for Charles)- 4 open 1 H&I, new meeting Drop the Rock, volleyball went great, $300.00 donation

Tampa/ Lakeland- Justin- 1 open, still naming radio promo, $20 donation

H&I report- Jeannie- Southeast going strong, Larry and crew doing great, got with work program, intake class to go into institution at this work release, Pensacola H&I still hanging on although strong, Ft. Myers is going strong.

P.I. report- No report

Web Servant- Raphael- been making changes, web went down for a few hours (due to update), Libby still wants to be involved.


Blake- New delegates great at world convention, WSCCC I am involved with 2017 spoonless in Seattle, Seattle is going on July weekend, world convention can host area convention within 3 years (??)

Julia- will email – never received

Dennis- Ft. Myers has been on the fore front for archives monitored by World Services, SWFLA.CA.org- obtained power point today.


Justin- Literature, chips and formats duties of GSR (pamphlet) motion was passed, change out Newcomer pamphlet, did not get passed, guides to sit down with sponsees and go over (a book) / 12 &12 book specifically CA (“in light of our experiences”) IT (?) committee Facebook being worked on (for anonymity), New PSA’s can customize to your district, $35 you can get CA PSA on TV, TV, radio they have to run a certain amount of PSA’s more inclusive for people addicted to cocaine, more people coming in that have never done cocaine

Blake- Wind is blowing to change cocaine wording

Jimmy- Never forget the word cocaine

Carol- excited about something else being done with literature so people know we are not drug specific. Any pointers to attract new people, we do events

Blake- H&I education is the answer and get newcomers involved.

Tammy- best thing happened when detox said no more open meetings in beginning that forced us to do H&I- 7 meetings a week in 3 counties and now here we are

Raphael- you asked us to go vote on PSA’s, you did it anyway

Chris- that was for wording (pamphlets), took off floor, no agreement, PSA’s were voted on right away, took off floor before anyone got to vote

Blake- video was put out a couple years ago, everything brought to floor is a process

Justin- suggestion be present, bring people to area meetings to get full opinions so we can best represent you at world conference

Julia- motion to move delegate nominations

Dennis- friendly amendment, cut break and move to convention report

Blake- we need to do all of it not just nominations, I think it’s out of order

Motion- moving nominations forward and no break, go on to convention meeting

Not passed

Shawn0 Just want to give service record

Shaun gives service record


Serenity Prayer

Reestablished Quorum: 16

Convention Report- Craig- best one, hotel block/ 350 for baskets- reg $4000 with credit and cash still going, lacking marathon meetings, had 50 pre banquets

2017 convention- Jeannie- still working on hotels, getting best price possible, Pompano Beach, haven’t met yet, nothing to report until next meeting

OLD Business

Blake- talked to Joel about Vice Chair and keeping commitment, Joel said he is willing to continue out his term to best of availability

Joel- things come up, contacted people, did his best, full intention to be at everyone

Blake- central located meeting, had it there for everyone- penn. Hasn’t showed if they’re not going to be here there is no reason for us to go up there

Penn- had emergencies, still on map, still committed to coming, thank you for moving it for us, we will be there

Diane- dealing with small amount of people, finances are hard to rent vehicles, still send donations, we will try to do better

Blake- conversation was just to see where you guys were at with it no neg. we love you guys


Bill- motion to continue to meet in same place

2nd/ passed

Traditional 3rd sat of month for meetings


Julia- when we got to conference we have regional caucous- at this time we had to elect a trustee election committee, Joanne and Bob result Joanne is new T.E.C. Bob is alt./ mentioned having trustee at large, European region is really growing, will have trustee at large because of it, opened for nom. Delegate news gram person for region Sharon R., Ark. Regional news gram send info to her for our region have info and give to everyone new to our region/ meetings held twice a year

Regional caucous

Conventions- schedule different dates, pass dates on to delegate

New business- delegates/   delegate/ alt delegate

Bill C.- delegates have not completed commitment until after this meeting, world life elections to be at Jan bus. Meeting, importance of delegate position, attendance, duties noted in world service manual (importance)

Blake- area officers (?) after this meeting why wait another 3 months

Julia- not in notes

Bill- do we want to fill positions that are still full

Blake- elections before they roll out to roll in

Elections in September

Bill- everything but delegates

Dennis- never had 2 delegates roll out same time coming into a convention was discussed on this, the body is here we have positions to be filled, if we have the people here, heard a very qualified individual, doing area disservice by postponing it until Jan. then coming into on may instead of months to prepare

Julia- amend. Sec report to include discussion on elections

Blake- P.O.E. once its accepted cannot go back on amendment


P.O.E.- Blake- did we say alt and reg., 2 reg or just one delegate


Julia- we do alt. and delegate

Blake- alt delegate rolls into

Bill- has to be voted on

DISCUSSION on Alt and Delegate

Dennis- motion to put Shaun’s name in as delegate

Blake- 2nd


Justin- nom. Jerry

Julia- 2nd/ Julia accepted

Bill- Carol

Jerry- declines to for fill

Blake- 2nd Julia

Carroll gives service resume

Blake- we have 2 very qualified for delegates motion to do vote by ballot 1st gets delegate 2nd for alt

Jerry wants to do Alt. delegates

Blake- withdrawals motion



New delegate is Carroll


Justin- nom. Jerri alt

Blake- nom Shaun as alt.




Shaun is Alt. delegate

Jeannie- 1 wk. in Nov. 3rd, 4th, 5th / nov. spiritual retreat, early registration ending 1st week in Oct.  CA.org

Justin- CA.org, P.I. survey please take back to district and take survey

January 21st  Lake Mary

Motion to close

2nd/ passed


[wptab name=’4/16/2016′] 4/16/2016

Area Notes from April 16,2016

Dennis opened with Serenity Prayer

Raphael read 2nd and 4th Traditions

Attendance- Dennis, Charles, Justin, Ricki, Jared, Raphael, Jeremiah, David, Renee, Bill, Wendy

District                                            open         h&I            votes        

Deland/Daytona                         2                 1                 1

Fort Myers                                    19              16              5

Pensacola                                      Absent

Sarasota                                         6                 4                 2

South East                                     Absent

St. Pete                                           Absent

Treasure Coast                            6                 1                 2

Lakeland/Tampa                        3                 1                 1

Total                            Simple                         Quorum

16                                  9                                    11

Secretary notes read and accepted

Treasury Report read and accepted $9,111.21

DSR Reports

Treasure Coast-Charles– Going well, always use support all welcome. $100 donation

Sarasota-Bill—Lost another meeting, looking forward to future

Pensacola- Had a split fellowship has ended strong now

Tampa/Lakeland-Justin—Gained an open meeting inside a facility, phone line is up

Deland/Daytona-Raphael—Going well trying to start new meeting $40 donation

P I- Wendy—Called Carol for updates. Alan from Salt Lake City will email information.  Left messages for all districts Rafael has possible new meetings

Web Servant-Rafael—Lots of emails been responding quickly

Delegate Reports

Justin- Nothing to report new to position Ann has information for email

Opened with Serenity Prayer

Reestablished quorum—11

2016 Convention

Dennis—Committee is having really great fundraisers many picnics bringing in money chili cook-off Julia C spoke. Raffled of PS4 winner donated prize to another member. Raffle for 55” flat screen smart tv sales going well.  Raised over $3,000 to date.  Theme is “It’s the journey not the destination” artwork being developed around it.

Old Business

Justin- Two things to submit need equipment if Jim and Marie are not at convention with CD a share wireless system is $785. There is a bed bug report regarding Crown Plaza people are having issues with the venue

Would need two others to do audio with Justin

Justin would like to find out if we can look into a few rooms on each floor

David will look into it himself

More discussion on purchasing a duplicator and labeler

Justin ends with how it would be a good plan for future and need a donation of a carryon suitcase

New Business

Dennis and Randy filed with Sunbiz Corp some discussion

Dennis motions for $6.125 for the Corp motion seconded and passed

Motion for $211.56 for Area meeting space seconded and passed

Discussion on raising the cost to send Delegates to Conferences there is a financial burden

Discussion on the glitch in Hotline system goes to Dr. office someone will have to handle it

Next meeting is July 16, 2016 in Lake Mary at 1pm

Motion to close

Closed with Lord’s Prayer


[wptab name=’1/19/2013′] 1/19/2013

Area Minutes 01/19/2013

Click here for Area Minutes

Area Meeting
January 19, 2013
Sarasota, FL

  • Opened the meeting at 1:40 with the Serenity Prayer
  • Melissa R. Secretary
  • Andrea Chair read the 2nd and 4th traditions
  • Roll Call of districts to establish a voting quorum


Open Meetings




Not Present

Not Present

Not Present

Fort Myers












SE Florida




St. Pete




Treasure Coast








1PI, 2Deleg., 1 treas., 1 Secretary


Majority: 13
Quorum: 18


  • Blake motioned to accept Secretary’s report as amended—2nd—Passed
  • Treasurer’s report given by Randy. Area balance–$1,186.99
  • Charles motioned to accept treasurer’s report—2nd–Passed
    • Randy motioned to get rid of credit card machine and use technology on phone. 2nd by Blake—Motion passes
  • DSR Reports
    • Fort Myers: No Report
    • Pensacola—Michael A.
      • Greater Gulf Coast Panhandle District would like to start off by saying thanks to all those that participated in our 2012 Florida Area Convention. We also would like to thank the Florida Area and district that helped in fundraising and donations to our convention, dispite some issues with the seed money from the previous convention. We have a wrap-up report on the convention for the area. We paid back the seed money that was given to us by area in the amount of $750.00. After all expenses were paid, we had a surplus of $318.00 to also give to area, but not today. Because we have some issues with some signer on the convention account and that we need to close out which by whatever reason hasn’t happened yet. But we are working on that issue. As far as our normal business, our meeting participation is low which means that our 7th tradition basket is low. But we are holding on with what we have. We’re looking for new meeting places to hold our meetings. We just got an ok to have our meeting at the Church of God in Christ meeting hall on Thursday nights. So that’s a good start in seeking out other places. We had our annual H&I Unity Day back in November at the Boys Base. We also did our 11th annual winter banquet last month. We are still trying to carry the message to the still suffering addict by getting newcomers involved in service while trying to stay clean, one day at a time. Anniversary: Lawerence G. 20 years, Joyce D 2 years, Lisa J. 20 years, Mr. Bill 32 years, Kenny R. 17 years, Bruce R. 11 years.
    • Sarasota—Wendy:
      • Meetings continue to grow and attendance is up. Anniversaries: Andrea 11 yrs., Wendy 3yrs., Pat H., Bill C. 16yrs., Homa 19yrs., Micheal 23yrs., Jodi 9yrs., Bernard 1yr., Lee 6yrs. $100.00 donation to Area. $302.00 donation to World Convention from November Fundraiser Onecola group.
    • SE Florida—Randy
      • 2 new meetings, 2 new H&I meetings, Held dodge ball fundraiser last month. Having another dodge ball tourn. Bowling fundraiser March 2nd at Strikes in Boca. $126.00 donation to Area.
    • St. Petersburg—Kathleen
      • We have missed being a part of the area. Several months ago a few trusted addicts got together to put on our annual—–
    • Treasure Coast—Charles
      • Other than our annual feed the neighborhood event. We serve thanksgiving day dinner to the community which is always a great time to fellowship. Our celebrants are Valerie, Tiffany, and Mike with one year. Jason R. with 18 months. Area donation is $50.00
    • Tampa—Jared
      • We lost $125.00 in a bad t-shirt deal but we made up the loss with a car wash. Planning a “drug run” meeting to Daytona or Ft. Myers. Working with St. Pete to combine our “Where & When” and share a help line #.
  • H&I Report—Carlton—Not Present
  • PI Report—Alan—Not present
  • Delegates—Julia—Districts please email Libby with an updated meeting list.
  • 2013 CA World Service Steering Committee Report-Randy
    • Another meeting February 16, Delray. March 16, April will be at the hotel. 4 months 4 days away from the convention. Need help, see Blake if available and willing to help. Chairing marathon meetings people needed. Early registrations needed.
    • –Alt. Delegate—Julia nominated Andrea, Bill 2nd. Andrea accepted nomination.
      • Andrea stated qualifications.
      • Discussion
    • Randy motioned to if elected Andrea be allowed to finish her time as chairperson until the elections in September. Blake seconded—passes
  • Ira’s report on Convention Payouts
    • T-shirt Memorbilia–$586.00
    • Karaokee–$150.00
    • Transportation for Danny–$150.00
    • Area Reinbursment–$750.00
    • Hospitality Room Food–$541.00
    • Comedian–$50.00
    • Speaker Rooms–$855.24
    • Hotel, Banquet, Audio–$3,880.78
      • Took in $7,274.02
      • Spent $6,963.02
      • Profit–$311.00
  • New Business
    • Dennis reported on 2013 Area Convention
    • Waiting to hear back on the 501C3 certificate. Tax exempt certificate. It was revoked and waiting to hear back on if we are getting it back.
    • Randy motioned to table Vice chair position to next area meeting.2nd.  Motion passes.
    • Ira 100.00 transportation
    • Bill motioned for 100.00 reimbursment for putting the area on. 2nd , passed.
    • Motion to close, 2nd –Motion passed
    • Next meeting in St. Pete April 20th
    • Closed with the Lord’s Prayer


[wptab name=’7/12/2014′] 7/12/2014

7/12/14 Florida Area Minutes PDF

CA Area Meeting July 12,2014Orlando Fl


Jerrie opened meeting with Serenity Prayer


Julia read 2nd and 4th Traditions


Attendance and Quorum




open                    H/I               votes

Daytona                       2                       0                 1

Fort Myers                    27                      12                9

Pensacola                     7                       7                 3

Sarasota                      9                       6                 3

SE Fla                              34                      34                2

St. Pete                      6                       1                 2

Treasure Coast                3                       3                 1

Tampa/Lakeland                3                       2                 1


Total 30                Simple 16               Quorum 20


Secretary report read,and amended motion to accept seconded and passed


Treasurer’s report $10,343.15 motion to accept seconded and passed


DSR Reports


Daytona -Rafael/ Two meetings one in Daytona and one in Deland Deland is men only now going great donation of $40.00


Fort Myers-Shanan/27 open meetings 12 H&I. June 28 held crazy Karoke and brought in $531 for area convention Vision for you is having annual picnic today procedes going to area convention. Straight with no chaser is having annual picnic in August with procedes going to area convention. Having an hotel stay auction with procedes going to area convention. Trying to get H&I into 3 new facilities. Dennis H is still taking donations for auction at convention. Fort Myers alive and well. Donation of $363.68


Pensacola-Jimmy H/ 7 open and 7 H&I meetings going well. Annuak Unity Day on July 26 Ira G will be speaking. Sorry to announce the passing of Bruce R on June 20 he was a good friend and loved CA. Donation of $100.00


Sarasota-Bill/9 open and 6 H&I. Attendance is low and 7th is down.


Treasure Coast-Charles/3open and 3 H&I Annual volleyball tournement will be on August 24 procedes will go to Area Convention. Donation of $100.


Tampa/Lakeland-Justin/3 open and 2 H&I meetings. Lost 3 open and 1 H&I one never set up properly, one due to lack of attendance and one facility moved but it’s residents now attend Epic CA group. Added one H&I meeting. Having a fundraiser in August to support scholarships for Area Convention. Donation of $50.00


Se Fla-Randy/34 open and 34 H&I meetings Donation of $496 Busy working with Treasure Coast for Convention


St Pete-Kathleen/ 6 open and 1 H&I. More newcomers coming getting ready to start a women’s meeting soon

H&I-Justin-Total of 65 H&I meetings. Have been in contact with Fort Myers and getting e-mails from SE FL. Asking H&I chair from each district to contact Justin C. Wanting to have an informal meeting with all at convention.


P/I-Wendy-Pensacola has new hotline 850-512-8142. Tampa,Sarasota, and St. Pete have no changes. Fort Myers has new P/I. SE Fla has new contact left message and no return. No contact with Daytona


Web Servant-Libby read by Randy-Libby is temporay web servant. CAFlorida.org is locked in as new website. Learning to use word press to update site which is easier and cheaper


Delegates Reports-Julia-Good afternoon, My name is Julia And I am the FL. Area Deletages. I have passed out the meeting list for the district with in florida and would like for you to reveiw them for accurancey, so that they my be sent to the Conference chair Tony. I know that we have spoke alot about accurancey of the meeting list, not only because of the conference but for the one who may be in need of a meeting some where in Florida they wont be in the wrong place. I spoke with Gay, she is out of Cape Caniveral and they have one mtg. She stated that they are not afilliated with Daytona at this time, because she is new and is just fill her way.


The 3rd Delegates mailing list has been posted with information that was left out of the 2nd mailing.

The flyer that will be passed around is to announce that the conference has created an on-line referral process 2014. Once the referral has been fill-out on line and you hit the send button, you will receive a copy of the referral via the email.   You are free to start sending now.


The Conference is also instituting a buddy program, which they will be asking returning delegates to help out new delegates find there way. These will be done be committe if possible.


Blake-ASR will be in Alabama next year. Sr14 will be to allow the word picnic back on fliers with the CA logo World Service Manual will be updated also to update page 46 and archives. Both delegates will attend conference.


FL Area Convention-Randy-Have 1 speaker and are in the process of getting 2 more. Register for convention online. Registration to Mariot in Pompano is open, there is a link to register at hotel on website. Entertainment is booked for Saturday night. Selling pre-convention t-shirts for fundraiser.


Reopened with serenity prayer

Reestablished quorem

Total 30    Simple 16   Quorum 20

Passed basket for 7th to World

Old Business

We should contact Andrea. Blake volenters to call Andera and see what’s going on.

Treasurer is open Rita read qualifications no nominations Randy will continue to hold position until a new treasurer is found. Tabled until next meeting.


New Business

Motion to make Homewood Suites in Orlando Area meeting ever 3 months for 1 year, excped for the meeting at Convention. 2nd voted on and passed. Until 2015

Web Servant position is now open because requirements are not met. Rita read qualifications for IT

Motion made for body to adopt secretary requirments coupled with internet committee responsibilities at area levels for Web Servant. motion 2nd and passed.

Nominations opened for Web Servant discussion

Rita read qualifications for Web Servant.

Libby cannot attend area meetings for six months out of year but will continue or train if needed.

Raphel volunteers and gives qualifications has 17 years sobriety and 15 years of service held phone service in Colorado and Florida. Started meetings in Orlando and Deland. Also took meetings into Tomaca State Prision for 5 years.

Voted on and Raphel is new Web Servant will be in touch with Libby.

Justin askes that website be updated as soon as possible.

Take back to districts to set up bids for Area Convention for 2015.

Wendy requests suggestions on what P/I doing.

Randy suggests getting information from world and bring it back to area to take to districts.

No new info on meditation books

Need new Alt Delegate for next meeting Wendy from Sarasota and Eva from Fort Myers were on slate from April meeting

There is a 50/50 raffel going on in SE FL to support Area Convention the tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5 drawing will be held the week before the convention.

Motion to close @2nd

Close with Lord’s Prayer

Next meeting will be at September Convention in Pampno Beach


[wptab name=’4/20/2014′]4/20/2014

Area Meeting for April 20, 2014 in Fort Myers Fl.

Jerrie opened with Serenity Prayer
Julia read 2nd and 4th traditions
Attendance Jerrie, Jeanie, Randy, Karen, Wendy, Dennis, David, Fred, Eva, Rita, Shanana, Bill, Julia, Colon
District Voters                    open              H/I                  Votes
Daytona                                N/A
Fort Myers                            22                   15                   8
Pensacola                             7                      5                      2          N/A read by Jeanie
Sarasota                                9                      6                      3
SE Fla                                     33                   34                   4
St Pete                                   6                      0                      1
Treasure Coast                    N/A
Tampa/Lakeland                 N/A
19 Total                                            10 Simple                 13 Quaorum
Secertary report read and accepted 
Treasures report read  Randy $10,575 accepted
DSR reports
Pensacola Read by Jeanie  7 open 5 H/I meetings.  Going well just celebrated 25th anniversary first week of March event was great success. Getting ready for annual Mircles On The Sand and annual Unity Day
Sarasota Bill  9 open 6 H/I meetings.  Attendance is slow except on Sunday nights 7th Tradition is also down but message is continues to be carried. Donated $100
Southeast Florida Randy  33 open 34H/I meetings. Had H&I cookout and raised $550. Will be having a Spiritual Retreat had a fundraiser for that with live bands and raised approxmitaly $1,000. Having a Chili Cook off to raise funds for Convention. 5 new open and 4 new H/I meetings. Donated $175 for area and $175 for Convention
St. Pete read by Julia Julia spoke with Kathleen in St.Pete they have 6 meetings no H&I District is doing ok
Daytona read by Julia Julia also spoke with Tonya Daytona and they only have one meeting and no H/I will be having elections to send someone to area
Fort Myers Shanan  22open 15 H/I meetings one meeting raised $302 for Area Convention. District also raised $384 selling tickets for 3 hotel stays toward Area Convention drawing held at break of this meeting. Sunday night Annual free picnic being held in April. H./I started a new fundraiser raised $412 making it an annual event. A new rehab facility was opened and we take 2 H/I meetings in a week 2 new H/I meetings Donated $371 to area
H & I  not here
P/I  Wendy Had another meeting over phone with Comcast and PSA will be sent throughout county application is very extensive and  our 5013C is not in good standing so we can not fill out application. Got in touch with SE Fla and Tampa P/I Fort Myers is hit or miss and Stuart has no P/I
Randy updated 5013C is in works
Web Servant Read by Jeanie As of 4/16/14 we had a total of 1,078 hits to website. Current hits are 22,716. I ask that when sending an image like a flyer for an event please send it as a jpeg or pdf with editing rights. Deland meeting list goes straight to Daytona I will post Deland meetings as soon as I can separate them from  Daytona. Had discussion about separating Deland from Daytona. Randy will send an email about not separating for now
Delegates Reports both read by Julia Blake went to ASR Convention in Charleston SC . We discussed unity within the fellowship, and to reach out to rouge districts rather than waiting for them to come to us .  We had 3 candidates submitted to the Trustee slate, 2 from Fl and 1 from S.C . Only 2 were ratified, Bill C from Fl and Ann M from S.C. This slate will be sent to the world conference to be seen by T.E.C. if both candidates are ratified the highest vote will become Trustee and the other will become Trustee at Large. Our current Trustee will roll out at the end of this year so the term will begin in 2015. The next ASR Conventions will be held in Alabama in 2015. In WSCCC news they have blocked the entire hotel at convention and have almost 700 registrations
Julia Delegate Report The Conference will be held August 27-31,2014 room rate has increased to $102 per night. Registration forms for attending delegates must be filled out completely and returned to WSO no later than July 15 along with delegates and area work sheet. Also the conference is asking for a current area meeting list.
Drawing held for Fort Myers District raffle
All winners were from SE Fla
Open back with Serenity Prayer

Reestablished Quorum 19 total           10 simple                  13 quorum
Old Business  Area Convention held September 19-21 in Ft. Lauderdale “Courage to Change”
New Business Motion to change July meeting from the third week to second week possibly in Lakeland seconded and passed


[wptab name=’1/18/2014′]1/18/2014

Florida Area CA business meeting
Jerri opened with Serenity Prayer
Jeanie read 2nd and 4th traditions
All Present Blake, Randy, Tim, Jimmy, Stan, Adam, Dino, Wendy, Shanan, Kevin, Craig, Rita, Mike, Justin, Jarred, Will, Mellissa, Dennis, Collin, Deacn, Charles, Heather, Jeanie, Jerrie, Andrea
District Voters open H/I votes
Daytona NA
Ft Myers 22 13 8
Pensacola 7 7 3
Sarasota 9 6 3
SE Fla 28 30 7
St Pete NA
Treasure Coast 2 2 1
Tampa/Lakeland 6 4 2
31 total 16 Simple 21 Quorum
Treasure Report Randy Donated $976.43 to world
DSR Reports
F.M.-Shanan Lost one meeting but gained two women’s meetings. Meetings continue to grow. Fort Myers would like to thank area for their participation in convention. 97 paid registrants 130 full scholarships. Grossed $10,300 $8,842 sent to area and $1,500 start up for next convention. Also have detailed notes for next district doing convention. At least 2 fundraisers going now for next convention $455.00
Pensacola-Jimmy Meetings are going well. People and sticking and staying attendance up. November Gratitude eating meeting and Annual Winter Banquet held in December were both successes. Celebrating 25 year anniversary March 1, 2014 at 6pm at Wright Place in Pensacola all districts invited. $50.00
Sarasota-Bill Meetings have fallen off but continue to open doors. $50.00
Southeast Fl Randy Donated 70/30 Split $185.40 went to world. Lost a few meetings due to AA clubhouse closing. Activities have been very successful Bowling Event. Putting in a bit with Treasure Coast for Area Convention in September. $432.60
Tampa/Lakeland-Justin Added 2 H&I meetings. District is self-sufficient. $44.00
Treasure Coast-Charles No activities to report on. Can always use support. We are prepared to Co-Host area convention with Southeast Fl district $100.00
H&I –Justin Have new stickers for donation buckets. Also would like to be kept in the loop with all districts.
P.I.-Wendy Sarasota is working on P.S.A. for TV. S.E. Fla had a recovery expo. And no report from other districts
Delegates Reports Blake-No report.
Julia-Trustee waiting on area report. Trustee slate needed for regional in March it is March 28-30 in South Carolina. Delegates, Alt delegate, and chair are all able to attend conference. Blake is able Julia is not Andrea can not attend and Jerrie also can not attend. Our district has 82 open meetings and allowed 2 delegates.
Opened back with Serenity Prayer
Reestablished Quorum
Ft. Myers 8
Pensacola 3
Sarasota 3
SE Fla 9 Total 35
Treasure 1 Simple 18
Tampa/Lakeland 2 Quorum 24
Web Servant Trina-Just learned all information. Will update by Monday. 21,638 hits as of today. Asked for $29.99 month for a subscription to Dreamweaver. Randy asked if we can look into switching from Dreamweaver to another program that will allow us to update existing software.
Old Business-We put off electing a treasurer. Jeanie read qualifications no one nominated. Tabled until next area. Randy is going to stay on until we find another treasurer.
Julia will try to prices on book and case for meditation books for next area.
Treasure Coast and SE Fla. Districts put in bid to host 2014 Convention. Motion to accept bid and 2nd motion passed
Julia found in old minutes about electing a third or alt. delegate and we opened up to nominations. Jeanie read qualifications
Charles, Dennis, Tim, Jerrie, Andrea, and Justin were all nominated. Charles, Dennis, Tim, and Jerrie all declined Motion to wave clean time requirements Friendly amendment just for Justin this time (vote 16 for;8 against;3 abstain)
Andrea gave qualifications Justin gave qualifications Discussion (vote all abstained) not passed
Serenity prayer
Total-34 Simple-17 Quarm-24
Ad hock Committee Bill- Decision made to have meetings twice a year at Epic Church in Lakeland. Left up to Area on more meetings and money to help with cost
Motion to donate $50.00 to Epic Church for each time we use meeting space 2nd and passed. Two meetings at Epic Church, one at convention, and one traveling
Motion for the January and July meetings to be at Epic in Lakeland. Friendly amendment for 2014 meetings to be January and April. 2nd and passed
Jeanie read qualifications for Trustee
Dennis, Bill, Jeanie, and Randy all nominated. Dennis and Randy decline. Bill and Jeanie gave qualifications. Bill passed and Jeanie passed.
New Business
Motion to give secretary up to $100 for a digital recorder to be passed along at end of term. 2nd and passed
Motion to send Blake to A.S.R. 2nd and passed.
Justin requested $100 reimbursement for food and services for Area meeting.
Motion for $15 for Area P.S.A. 2nd and passed
Motion to have website as tag and if world allows the 1-800 number as tag on P.S.A. 2nd and passed
Does FL want to put in a bid for 2015 A.S.R. conference? Blake will be put in touch with the ad hock committee from Fort Myers to host
Next Area meeting is April 19, 2014 in Fort Myers, at 1p.m.

[wptab name=’7/20/2013′] 7/20/2013


CA Florida Area Minutes – click here to print

Florida area minutes
July 20, 2013
Stuart Florida

Randy Open the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the serenity prayer.
Chairperson and vice chair absent
Julia read the 2nd and 4th tradition
No Secretary’s report
Treasures Report- Balance 2,370.99 Randy stated there’s not enough money to send two delegates to the conference; sending two delegates to the conference will depend on the  donation that we receive today. Motion made to accept treasures report seconded and passed.
Introduction of attendance

District                           Opened meetings           H & I meetings             Total votes

Ft. Myers 22 12 8
Sarasota 9 6 3
St. Pete 8 1 No attendant
Tampa 6 2 2
Pensacola 9 5 3
Daytona 3 0 No attendance
Treasure Coast 2 2 1
South East Florida 27 30 5
Area officers Servants 6 6
  28 Total votes
Simple Majority 15 2/3 Majority 19



The DSR reports:
Ft. Myers Dennis H.- Meetings going well, four mega meetings, unity as a result of the convention. Fundraiser is going well.  Donation $700.00
Sarasota Wendy W.-Our district continues to grow; due the growth of the meeting on Wednesday night they have extended the time by 30 minutes for more participation. Donation $50.00
Tampa Area Adam-Bright House cable is running the C.A. PSA once a night from 9pm to 1am for a total of 90 days. Everything is the same.Donation $20.00
Greater coast Panhandle Jimmy H-True life group meetings are still going on every night of the week, attendance is down, which means our contribution basket is down.  We started up a new meeting at the power house church on Jordan Street from 7 PM to 8 PM on Thursday; we dropped our Friday night H & I meeting at Keaton Correction’s, because we need more participation in our Friday night open meeting. We are planning our 24th annual miracles on the sand in late August. We are looking forward to that. Sorry we don’t have any donation as of today.
Treasure Coast Charles S.-No events between now and convention except our 11th annual Battle of the Fellowship held on 8-25-2013 events flyers and registrations presented at area. Thanks for allowing us to hold the area meeting. We have no donations at this time.
Southeast Florida Karen –Friday night SRO, Wednesday night big book study (150 people) in attendance .New meeting big book study doing great (Sat). A new woman’s meeting going good.  Donation $ 190.00
Committee report
H&I-No report
Public information– Wendy spoke with Carol from Pensacola regarding public information gave email and contact number, Carol stated that they were in the middle of setting up their hot line. Justine stated that Fort Myers district is looking to set up PSA on the radio. Adam, from Tampa stated they are running a broadcast for cocaine anonymous at 9pm to 1am. Tried contacting Kathleen out of St. Pete left message no return phone call. Randy stated that everything was going good. Stuart nothing going on. Wendy passed out workbook guides and folders regarding tools for setting up PSA with television stations. Jared and Wendy offered to assist with the PSA’s to the area.
Delegates report: Julia C.-Discussed the importance of having a trustee slate in our region due to Kenny the ASR Trustee times being up in 2014. Tammy C. And Jeannie W. was nominated for the trustee slate nominations were seconded and passed. The ASR convention will be held in South Carolina in March 28-30, 2014.
7th tradition basket past and that money will be sent to world
15 minute break
The meeting was reopened followed by the serenity prayer
Reestablish voting quorum total votes 26, simple majority 14 and 2/3 majority 18
Florida area convention will be held in Fort Myers September 22 through the 25th. Theme for the convention is Reaching Out. Convention committee meetings are held twice a month. The artwork is out and speakers are lined up.
Old Business
World Service Convention- Randy thanks to the Florida area for their participation.
New Business
Ira $100.00, Blake $50.00, Delegates $2,400.00 Blake and Julia
Bids for next area convention for 2014, should be summit at the next area meeting.
Next area meeting there will be open positions for the following positions, Chair, Secretary, and Treasure
Ira discussed the need for a more central location for the area meetings, due to the distance  traveling from Pensacola.
Motion made for the area to form a small Adhoc committee to check a feasible central location, motion 2nd and passed. Ira was nominated to be chairperson for Adhoc committee along with Bill C. 2nd and passed.
Randy discussed the need to have the area meeting held on Saturday when the area meeting falls on the weekend of the convention. Motion made to have area meetings on Saturday during convention times. Motion was 2nd and passed.
The next area meeting will be held in Fort Myers September 21,2013
Motion made to adjourn the meeting, motion 2nd and passed
The meeting was closed with the Lord’s Prayer.


Area meeting Jan. 16, 2016 Lake Mary, Fl

Opened with Serenity prayer


Rita, Chris, Renee, Craig, Bill, Blake, Charles, Rick, Rafael, Jeff, Justin, Jon, Randy, Julia, Dennis

Jon read 2nd and 4th traditions

Open                     H&I                        Votes

Daytona/Deland               2                              0                              1

Ft. Myers                             22                           18                           5

Pensacola                            0                              0                              0

Sarasota                               7                              3                              2

Southeast FL                      35                           45                           5

St. Pete                                                0                              0                              0

Treasure Coast                  3                              1                              1

Lakeland/Tampa              2                              0                              1

Total                      Simple                  Quorum

25                           13                           17

Secretary report read and accepted

Treasury report read and accepted $4,402.32

DSR Report

Daytona/ Deland- Rafael- Meetings well donation of $40

Ft. Myers-Craig- meetings going well, working on getting bid for 2016 convention, $300 donation

Pensacola-Julia- unable to attend $50 donation, meetings well

Sarasota- Bill- attendance pocking up, overall attitude increasing

Southeast Fl- Jonathan- Going strong, spiritual retreat 164 registrations, $200 donation

St. Pete- Absent

Treasure Coast- Charles- New meeting picking up, feed the community went well, $100 donation

Tampa- Justin- Going well, strong core group of members, Radio spot running, $20 donation

P.I. – Absent

St. Cloud- Jeff- Meeting attendance average, good recovery $20 donation, just got approved to bring C.A. to Jail there

H&I- Jeanie- Sending letters to institutions, contacting H&I people in area


Chris- Nothing new to report, regional at Georgia

Julia- Need names for trustee slate,

-Room rates went up $119 per night for the conference

-March celebrate around the world month, pick on day to celebrate around the world, flyers were passed out

Blake- World conference Chicago in July

-Convention is going good if you’re going they are asking you to register now

-hotel is filling up fast, room rate is $159, parking downtown is $70 per night right downtown at Swiss Hotel

-Atlanta South Regional is looking for anyone to do workshop get with Chris R Chair person

Convention report from 2015

-Bill- Great time, wonderful people, 60 room nights had 61 room nights booked, 60 banquets had 61, caterer problem because of double booking there was a wedding going on at the same time as banquet, registration suggest trying to have the registration in another area because of too much confusion, $2000 seed money, $8,929 deposited, $6,929 profit 89 registrations

Web Servant- Rafael- Raferm@netscape.net for changes, needs phone numbers and emails to all elected positions

-buy chips and literature from website ran across medallions with principles on them from world services website

-Libby renewed hosting and world press for 2 years

Convention 2016

-Ft Myers is presenting bid

-nomination for Ft. Myers on table

Old Business

-no old business presented

New Business

Justin- did audio recording for convention posted to website

-need standard way of listing files for formatting

-need 2 people to record and need wireless microphone

-small mixing console-self-sufficient will eliminate sound problem, wireless mic $179-$299/ $50 for mixer if we continue to record speakers and upload to website/ better audio and self-contained

-Discussion on ways to promote

-Justin willing to work with their AV committee for upcoming conventions needs at least 2 people

-Blake makes motion to purchase Randy’s equipment

-motioned 2nd $300

-Motion passed

-Justin- motion to move for $500 to be set aside will have exact amount by next week

-motion passed


Reopened with serenity prayer

Reestablished Quorum

Total                      Simple                  Quorum

25                          13                           17

New business cont.

-Blake- Atlanta South Regional would not be conducive to send 3 delegates plus Alternate

-$500 to share between 3 people

-Room $104 registration $70

-Chair is eligible to go- Rita wants to attend expensises can be divided and Julia and Rita to share room in April receive check now for Blake, Julia and Rita

-Dennis motion to give check fo r$167 to the 3 people attenging Atlanta South Regional

-motion 2nd

-motion passed

Blake- Julia and Blake scheduled to roll out Blake offered to stay on for another year to get back on proper rotation

Dennis- Alternate delegate elevated? Yes

Bill- Goal is to stagger the roll out

Chris and Justin would be elected staggered

Send all 4 this year then next year would be Chris, Justin and unelected alternate plus another delegate

Alternate delegate rolls into delegate automatically

Randy makes motion to send Justin to conference this year and he rolls into delegate next year

Motion 2nd and passed

Randy- Signers on account are Randy, Tammy and Blake

Motion to remove Karen, Tammy and Blake as signers and add Dennis Harmon as signer and Randy will stay on as signer as well

Motion 2nd and passed

Director of FL C.A. Corp is Randy, Bill and Susan

-motion to remove Susan and add Dennis Harmon to Directors of Fla C.A. Corp

-motion 2nd and passed

Blake- Are we set in rotation to elect on alternate every year

-motion to elect on Alternate delegate and/or delegate at September Area meeting from here on out

Motion 2nd and passed

Randy- motion that we donate 30% of area convention at world which is $2,156.00

Motion 2nd and passed

Dennis – current location for meeting agreed to do it on an annual basis at a cap of $200

Blake- would like us to stay at current venue

Dennis- if presented with annual contract everyone is in agreement

Dennis- motion asking to be reimbursed $200

Motion 2nd and passed

Atlanta South Regional is in April 16th, 17th, and 18th at the same time as next scheduled area meeting so Joel will have to be Chair since Rita is attending

Blake will be put on slate for trustee

Next meeting is April 16th 2016 in lake Mary, Florida at 1pm

Motion to Close

2nd and passed